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O radaru si rozhodneme sami!

IN ENGLISH: Prospects for the EU's Common Foreign Policy in 2007, including the deployment of anti-missile defence systems in Europe by the United States Ladies and gentlemen, I am an MEP from the Czech Republic, a country which is considering installing US anti-rocket defence radars on its territory. I wish to emphasise that in this regard I warmly welcome Javier Solana's recent comment that individual countries must themselves decide on the US rocket system. I strongly believe that in today's world there is no alternative to the US defence system. Events in Yugoslavia have clearly demonstrated that the EU was incapable, either politically or militarily, of stopping the killing. There is also the historical experience of the last century in which my country was handed over to the Nazis by a collection of European countries. All of this gives the Czech Republic and Poland the legitimate right to decide for themselves on their own defence. I should therefore like to call on our neighbours who are threatening to divide Europe over the radars to remember who divided Europe in the past and how. As for the others, who wish to lecture us on this, I would ask them, in the words of President Chirac, not to forget to keep quiet. Thank you. ČESKY Projev Jany Bobošíkové v EP: O radarech si rozhodneme sami! Brusel 29. 3. 2007 - Dámy a pánové, jsem poslankyně za Českou republiku, která zvažuje umístění radaru protiraketové obrany Spojených států na svém území. Chci zdůraznit, že v ...

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